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Download the latest list of valuable domain names :
- short and available or released since few hours
- pending delete (being released in the next hours or days).

Our goal,
our services
What did you get from Spydn.com ?

Our goal is to provide you a list of the shortest and the latest "available" or "pending delete" domain names.
After the Paypal purchase, you'll get a .txt (see a sample) and a .csv files (see a sample).
"Available" are free domains ready to be buyed.
"Pending delete" are domains that's will be released for all in the next days.

Here is the domain name "end of life" cycle :

We work on the "available" and "pending delete" zone and generate for you a list of released being released domain.

What domain names list is made for you ?

Different needs for different criterias.

First at all, you'll have to choose what kind of domains are made for you.

1- If you start a business or don't want to take risks : 5 or 6 letters "available" domain names may be a good start. You just have to choose domain in the list and buy it on your favorite site hosting. 6 letters on Pending delete are more easier to get.

2- If your are an SEO expert, you should look at the "Pending delete" domain names. More hard to get but really interesting if you want to add its backlinks history to your actual site.

Here is statistics and difficulty level to get these short domain names :

Domain : .com Difficulty to get a domain
Size - total Available Pending delete
2 letters (676)
3 letters (17 576)
4 letters (456976)
5 letters (11 881 376)
6 letters (308 915 776)

: Impossible to be available and really expensive on a market place.
: Possible but no warranty of success.
: Always possible.

2 to 6 letters or +

Some things to know about domain and its number of letters...

2 or 3 letters domain names are really hard or really expensive to get. The lone way to get one is to buy it on a market place like Sedo.com or sometime Ebay.com. For example xa.com is going to be buyed in the next days 800 000$ (2012-04).

All 4 letters ones are all taken since 2007 but some of them (~0.0005%) are entering the "pending delete period", this mean that the owner of the domain don't renew it and you now have the possibility to buy it the day it became released.

5 letters domain name is much more easier to get because more large % of these domains are available now. Other point, you have much more chance to get a "pending delete" one than 4 letters ones.

For the 6 letters and more domain names, the goal may be slightly differant.
You could get domain names being released in the next day in order to get backlinks. These domains had an history and most of the time several links pointing to them, this may be an interesting "push" for a starting or a started project using for example a 301 redirection. This method won't work if your project is just a parking site, you must think about relevant project for your users and the redirection should be good addition.
i.e. : You already own a game website and you want to get a 6 letters domain name that's was on a pending delete period. You want to get one that was talking about the same things in the past : games. After buying it with success, you do a redirection 301 to your actuel game website, this method will provide you free relevant backlinks because of the same thematic of both.

4 Tips & Facts

about getting a good domain name

1 - Starting a way
If you start a business on Internet, getting a .com domain name may be the best choice at first.
Known by all, .com as a general sense much more than .net (for specific service on Internet) or .org (more likely for humanitarian organization).

2 - Memorization
The second point it to get an "easy to memorize" domain name, this mean a short and pronounceable one.

3 - Keywords
Keywords in the domain : you have to choose between getting a memorizable name against most of the time a long domain names with keywords in it. We definitly choose the first way because of the dillution that's may occur : no one will memorize your site if your domain is too long.
Here is a cool video about it.
Here is a list of the top 500 websites in the world : there is no keywords in the domain name.

4 - Own your way
We also think that's working on a short and pronouncable name, even if the word does not exist, is a good way to build business on your own word and your own way. This "new" word may get a sense for all with your work around it.


The content on Spydn.com is provided "AS-IS" with no guarantee, may contain errors or inaccurate entries.
You have to be familiar with the concept of domain names.
Spydn.com cannot be responsible for any trademark violations, failed domain registrations or lost money. Please see terms of use.

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A domain name in a pending delete period is a domain that will become available for all in the next hours or days (max. 5 days). The first arrived is the first served.

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